The revolution has started - buy magicJack!

Nowhere else in the world has the telecom business been involved in the everyday life, as in USA. Therefore it is not strange that the new revolutionary product magicJack has seen the daylight. People all over the world buy magicJack and you will do that too. Today, tomorrow or at least very soon. The smarter you are, the faster you will buy a magicJack.

What is magicJack and why should I buy it?

The magicJack is a simple unit you connect to your computer. This enables free phonecalls to all of the USA and Canada. Land line and cellphones. You will get your own USA phone number and you can connect a normal phone into the magicJack. Basically you only need to turn on the computer (not the screen), a broadband connection and preferably a phone (you can use headset if you like). Then you are ready to talk 4 free!

Buy magicJack if:

  • You want to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year.
  • You want a secret number.
  • You travel around the world and want to call to USA/Canada for free!
  • Excellent sound quality!

Non-USA/Canadians can use it too!

Remember that you can be in example France and use magicJack and call to someone using magicJack for free too! As both gets a USA number they are calling to a free number. It is great and easy!

So if you want the latest in technology or just want a cool new American number, then buy magicJack. Why not buy a magicJack to your family and friends for Christmas or as a birthday gift?!

If you are a USA/CANADIAN resident: Order the magicJack HERE! !

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Not ready to buy? Then check the magicJack reviews on the left hand side! These excellent reviews should be more than enough to make you decide upon buying a magicJack.